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how to identify, assess, prevent, and survive a school attack.

Case Study: Paw Paw, MI:

Using the Path to Violence model to read behaviors and determine risk level as well as other lessons learned from a prevented school attack where the 15 year student turned himself in.

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I have moved from fear because of what happened at Newtown to knowing I can increase safety layers. Now I have tools to help me & I feel like I can talk to someone if I have a problem.
Principal: 15+ years CT
I have never had a presenter who was so knowledgable on the topic. I learned more from this 2-day course than my 16 years in my law enforcement and teaching career.
Criminal Justice Instructor: 16+ years AL
This is by far the best SRO training I've ever received.
SRO: 10+ years DC
The Newtown tragedy has been haunting me every day. We are so much like that school. Today helped me understand how I can make my building more secure. I'm going to do a school vulnerability assessment & also offer to do one for other buildings in our district. Hard to explain but your personal investment in this Don is so clear. Keep sharing & educating.
Principal: 15+ years NY
I enjoyed your class so much that I texted my training sgt and thanked him for sending me!
Police Officer: 8+ years IN
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