School Vulnerability Assessments

We do things a little differently...

Okay, we do things a lot differently

We do not do 'hazard hunts' or focus only on what needs to be improved, but we also highlight what the school is already doing well and give recommendations to make it better. Above all, we focus on the people and help them in a positive but non-obtrusive manner to tweak their environment to make it safer immediately.


That approach makes us different than anybody else--completely different.

How Does it Work?
We visit your school, create a safety plan, and then we provide continued support in helping your school to implement the changes. It's that easy. From beginning to end, the process can take as little as one week.


Onsite Visit

We'll spend at least one full day at your school. We'll arrive while it's still dark observe the entire school day including student arrival, class changes, lunches, dismissal, how the community interacts with the school, and much more!


We leave after the students leave.

Some of the key elements of our vulnerability assessments:

  1. Enhancing Physical Security
  2. Enhancing School Climate and Culture
  3. Lowering Vulnerability to Violence
  4. Behaviors that negatively or positively influence the school
  5. Denying Potential Offenders Access
  6. Reducing Fear
  7. Limiting Space Confusion and Conflict
  8. Preventing Unwanted or Violent Behaviors


Safety Plan

After the assessment is completed, we provide realistic common sense suggestions in an easy to follow School Safety Plan. We'll map it out, tell you which suggestions to complete first, and where to focus your efforts.



The Safety Plan is a comprehensive report that covers every aspect of the assessment.


The example provided is only 10 pages, but gives an idea of what it will look like as well as some of the topics covered.



Some of the key elements of the Safety Plan:

  1. High, medium, and low safety priorities
  2. Observed strengths and weaknesses and recommendations to enhance and improve each concern
  3. School Leadership Points (recommendations specific to school leadership)
  4. Recommendations to improve surveillance, access control, and territorial reinforcement (ownership)
  5. The risks most likely to impact the school community


Schools can receive their Safety Plan in a video version. Don't just read the suggestions, see and hear the suggestions. Better yet, grab your Ipad and watch the videos as you walk your school. No other company provides this option.


Must be requested before the assessment and is subject to approval. Additional fees apply.


Watch the short demo:



We will help you as much as you need to implement any changes by giving you access to our staff via email, phone, webinars, and onsite visits as needed.

We believe that having a safer school is a team effort. If you, your staff, security officers, SRO, or safety team need any assistance in making your school safer, please count us as part of the team.

Our vulnerability assessments are CONFIDENTIAL. We will not discuss any findings with anyone who has not been specifically authorized by you.


$2,250 per school. *


This fee includes the onsite assessment, written Safety Plan, and support with implementing the recommendations from the Safety Plan.


*There is an additional fee for the video version of the Safety Plan and higher fees may apply depending on travel requirements.


For school districts that complete a vulnerability assessment on all their schools, a District Trend Report is provided to the superintendent free of charge.


Please call 540-577-7200 or contact our team for questions and to schedule an assessment.