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Perfect your lockdown without scaring teachers or wasting precious academic time!

What is the 7 Second Lockdown Program?

When it comes to a lockdown, schools are too slow. Teachers are too slow. On average, teachers take approximately 38 seconds to close and lock their doors and move students into a hide position. The 7 Second Lockdown Program enables your school to lockdown in 7 seconds by following 4 simple progression & proficiency drills that last only 3 minutes and 30 seconds from start to clear and won't scare anyone or disrupt the educational process!

Teachers don’t need to be afraid. They must move faster.

The 7 Second Lockdown treats the teacher as the hero of the story and builds on the inherent qualities of our teachers instead of working against them. It doesn’t use the fear of violence or failure to motivate teachers. The 7 Second Lockdown conditions them to be able to accomplish the few necessary and critical lifesaving tasks in 7 seconds or less.

"I love this concept! I love the self-evaluation and how teachers are asked to critique their performance and ours. Teachers are planners. They need a plan with goals and something they can strive to achieve. This is exactly how teachers succeed!"

-- Superintendent, Upstate NY

Adopt The 7 Second Lockdown Program and learn the following:

-- The art of utilizing progression drills to quickly develop new skills.

-- The two elements that make a perfect lockdown.

-- Why you should hold a lockdown drill for no longer than 3 minutes.

-- Tips, tricks, and hacks used by others to speed up the lockdown.

-- How to distinguish and respond to violence that is close or far from your classroom.

-- The 3 strategies used by teachers who have survived a school attack.

-- 5 critical reasons why school attacks demand a faster lockdown.

-- Assessing the protective quality of each classroom door.

-- Concrete steps for mitigating the risks of classroom doors with poor protective quality.

-- Seamlessly merging the 7 Second Lockdown into your current procedures.

-- And so much more.


In a crisis, people don’t do what they should. People do what they can. You must ensure that your teachers can immediately transition into a lockdown in 7 seconds. If a teacher can quickly go into lockdown before the attacker can enter the classroom, there is a 99% chance that the attacker will not get in!

What's included?

Continued Support

We'll help you as much as you need to perfect the 7 Second Lockdown from problem solving, modifying your procedures to match school/district/state requirements, and even coming on site to help run a drill...all free of charge.


4 Progression & Proficiency Drills

We’ll give you 4 progression drills that will enable you to progress from achieving a perfect lockdown in 21 seconds, 17 seconds, 12 seconds, and finally 7 Seconds. Each drill contains the following:

-- A specific plan with step-by-step procedures for each drill.

-- A specific script for each drill to be announced over the PA.

-- Brief staff letter with specific instructions, expectations, and goals for each drill.

-- Teacher/Student/Staff brief self evaluation for each specific drill.

-- Leaders outline for debrief and evaluation for each specific drill.

-- Parent email/letter describing the goals for each specific drill.


7 Credit hours

Participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Don is the only violence prevention expert to get standing ovations from teachers!


the instructor & creator of The 7 Second Lockdown

Don Shomette is unlike any other violence prevention specialist. He doesn't focus on cameras, doors, and locks. His personal motto is that People are the Prize and this unwavering belief is embedded into everything that he and his company, People are the Prize, create or present.


Cameras record. Locks delay. People prevent violence. Nothing is more important than a committed, trained vigilant person.


People are the Prize!


Rated consistently for over 23 years as one of the best instructors ever, Don challenges, inspires, and has equipped thousands of schools and police departments to think differently about preventing violence.


And if that doesn't make him different enough, he has 8 kids of his own, was a prior School Resource Officer, therapeutic foster parent, and a US Marine with the distinction of being an honor graduate from Marine Corps Recruit Training, Infantry Training School, Non-Commissioned Officer School, and Officer Candidate School.


As an expert in assessing threats of violence and conducting human threat assessments, Don has equipped countless school districts, superintendents, principals, SRO's, counselors, teachers, mayors, city managers, and other community leaders with the skills and materials to quickly and accurately determine if a student truly poses a threat to himself and others.


Don's expertise in discerning threats of violence is consistently sought by law enforcement and school personnel throughout the country.

Don Shomette

"I was going to retire, but you inspired me to keep going."


--New York Police Officer 20+ years

"I have never had a presenter who was so knowledgeable on the topic. I learned more in this 2-day course than in my 16 years in my law enforcement and teaching career."


--Professor of Criminal Justice, AL

"I enjoyed your class so much that I texted my training Sgt and thanked him for sending me!"


--Indiana Police Officer 8+ Years




He's had the privilege of working with urban, rural, suburban, private, and charter schools and universities with mild to severe violence issues ranging in size from 8,000 students to over 65,000 students.

Important Reminders!

1. Who Should Attend?

Superintendents, principals, SRO's, Safety Team Members, and law enforcement.

2. Who Must Attend?

The person from each school who is leading lockdown drills.

3. Who Can Use the Materials?

Only a person who has attended this training and/or authorized by The Shomette Group.

4. Is this for a School or a District?

During an attack, the immediate and right actions of individual teachers is critical! That is why The 7 Second Lockdown is specifically designed for individual schools. Certainly, it can be used in every school in the district but it is not a district wide plan.

4. If I Attend, Can I Implement it in Every School in the District?

For liability as well as to ensure the effective implementation of the progression drills, one person from each individual school using the materials must attend the training.

Registration Fee

Individual Registration Fee:

$395 per person*

Group Registration:

Police departments or schools that send 3 or more to the training receive the same number in free seats!

Agency In-Service or District Wide Professional Development Fee:

$6,875 for the police department*

Organizations that host a course:

Will receive two free seats to the training.

$790 worth of free training


Hosting a course is simple! All you have to do is provide a classroom and help spread the word via your established networks and we'll do the rest. For more information, visit our hosting page or give us a call: 540-577-7200


* Fee includes instruction, materials, and support. For a school to use the materials, they must send a staff member to the training.

All participants must be approved by The Shomette Group which reserves the right to make the final determination of who is permitted to attend a professional development.