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act fast


1 Complete and total professional development for teachers

-- Use it as your yearly training for teachers (& subs!)

-- Teachers learn at their own pace, anytime & anywhere

-- Builds on existing skills so it's easy to understand

-- Unlimited access to the instructor for questions, clarification

-- 10 Short but effective videos

-- Less than 2 hours of common sense, practical instruction

-- Reduces fear and lessens teacher anxiety

-- Fosters credibility in school leadership

...equals prepared and confident teachers (and parents)!

Don't just take our word for it...

Review some short excerpts from the course videos!

VIDEO 1 (Excerpt):

Course Introduction

VIDEO 2 (Entire Video):

The Deeper Meaning!

VIDEO 3 (Excerpt):

Understanding the Threat

VIDEO 4 (Excerpt):

9 Benefits of Run, Hide, Fight

VIDEO 5 (Excerpt):

Hide Strategy for Teachers

VIDEO 6 (Excerpt):

Run Strategy for Teachers

VIDEO 7 (Excerpt):

Fight Strategy for Teachers

VIDEO 8 (Excerpt):

Lockdowns for Teachers

VIDEO 9 (Excerpt):

Questions & Answers

VIDEO 10 (Excerpt):

What now?

BONUS (Entire Video):

Keep your parents informed!

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