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This 2-day advanced SRO training equips school based police officers with the necessary skills, abilities, and leadership techniques to be EXTRAORDINARY in an educational environment.


Participants will learn…


So take the leap to EXTRAORDINARY. You owe it to your students, your school, as well as yourself.

**No requirement to first attend a basic course.

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  • Day 2



Michelangelo said, "The greatest danger is not that we aim high and miss the mark but that we aim low and hit it."

Most School Resource Officers are very proficient, but they're aiming too low. Their efforts are effective, but too narrowly focused so therefore their outcomes are limited. It's not about doing more, but doing something different. This course will give officers the knowledge, tools, and abilities to aim higher, accomplish greater good, and positively affect more lives.

Some of the course topics to help officers take the leap to extraordinary:

  • Seeing the SRO program for what it can do and not what it has done.
  • Scripting your day to reach the highest level of performance.
  • Implementing routines and rituals that maintain a high personal as well as professional standard that is sustainable over the long term.
  • The art of constantly remaking oneself in order to continue to reach new levels.
  • The only way to resist burnout, skepticism, and exhaustion.
  • How professional advancement is in direct proportion to personal growth.
  • And more.




The school based police officer is a highly specialized position, in a very specific environment, engaged in an extremely focused effort. Therefore, the SRO must use a specialized, specific, and focused style of leadership in order to take the leap to extraordinary and help the school reach its greatest potential in safety and academic success.

Some of the course topics to help officers successfully implement school based leadership:

  • How to successfully implement and maintain new safety and violence prevention initiatives inside a public school.
  • School based police officers are by default school leaders.
  • What makes school based police leadership so different and why any other form of leadership in a school is doomed to fail or achieve only limited success.
  • The 5 leadership traits needed to be extraordinary in a school environment.
  • The 1 thing that separates a good leader from the extraordinary leader.
  • Extraordinary examples of leadership and lessons learned.
  • The critical difference between strategy and tactics.
  • How to think and act on a strategic level without ignoring or diminishing tactical gains.
  • Learning from the success and failures of others including Sir Robert Peel in 1830, Lawrence of Arabia in 1914, U.S. Military in Vietnam and Iraq, British Military in Malaysia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, as well as police departments across America.
  • The only successful long-term policing strategy for public schools.
  • Successfully implementing community policing in a school environment.
  • Activities that foster high levels of credibility for you and your program.
  • Why only specialized leadership is effective with specialized policing units.
  • and more...


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To truly impact the lives of others, the SRO must develop meaningful connections and relationships with students. The good news is that it's easy. We've just made it more complicated than it needs to be. It's time to bring back the tested and proven methods that ensure strong, resilient, and successful students.

Some of the course topics to help officers be extraordinary with students:

  • Truly connecting with students without having to learn (or like) their music, clothes, heroes, or adapt their slang.
  • Why the 4 Supreme Goods are the only character education you'll ever need to know.
  • Knowing the right thing to say at the right time and in any situation.
  • Justice and the truth about rights, liberty, and happiness.
  • How to help students put first things first and the critical importance of making the right decision.
  • When helping too much is the worst thing for students, parents, and you.
  • Correcting failure, mistakes, and unwanted behaviors in a positive but firm manner.
  • Changing student perspectives in order to change short-term as well as long-term behaviors.
  • Creating purpose in students in order to reach a higher level of student achievement, passion, and focus.
  • Practical Applications
  • Final Exam


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When you gain in knowledge, you gain in ability as well as insight. Another word for insight is wisdom. When you're viewed as being wise, people seek your input and follow your advice. But first you have to have the knowledge.

This course will give you that knowledge which will enhance your…



Those who know what to do are viewed and treated as an expert. They're seen as special and different which gives them a high level of credibility. With your new knowledge you'll be that person because you'll be able to implement new and effective strategies. You'll know what to do and when to do it.

This course will build your credibility which will give you greater…



Knowledge applied correctly leads to credibility and credibility means people will trust you, listen to you, and be willing to implement your recommendations. After this course you'll be able to influence greater change.

With the ability to exert greater Influence you will experience higher…



It's impossible to grow in knowledge, credibility, and influence, and not also experience personal growth. With the ability to apply specialized leadership, you'll stick out and be respected as a person who is capable of accomplishing great things in demanding environments.

This course will help you to achieve a high level of personal growth which in turn will help create more opportunities for professional advancement.


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