The Difference Maker

READY Professional Development Course

Advanced School Resource Officer Course

8 Hours (one day)


If you really want to make your school safer, then develop a relationship with your students. The better that relationship, the more the students will trust you and share information which may prove to be the missing piece in preventing violence.

With the students' help and support, the impossible becomes possible.

SRO's who attend this one day dynamic class will receive a law related education training program specific to your state called INSIDE THE LAW, learn advanced methods in developing student relationships, influencing student behavior, creating credibility in you and your program, adopting a single purpose that draws police and school personnel together, and how the best strategy is the one where the SRO identifies the students as the 'prize'.

If you want to be a difference maker in the lives of your students, then this class is for you.

Inside The Law:

    Each SRO will receive Inside The Law, our state specific law related education program for middle and high school students that helps teens make better decisions and avoid breaking laws.

    Inside The Law is interactive and challenging. The teens are presented with a series of real life scenarios that a teen may face. Then the students must decide, with the available facts and evidence, whether the person should be arrested or if his behavior is inside the law.

    Individual lessons or the entire course can be presented--you decide and take it at your pace. These fourteen lessons make learning the laws that are important for teens fun and easy and gives the SRO all the materials and support needed to give a great class.

    What Materials are Included with Inside The Law

    • Interactive PowerPoints
    • Lesson plans for individual topics (14)
    • Handouts for each topic
    • Quiz sheets for each topic
    • Classroom evaluation
    • Certificates
    • Continued offsite support in making the most of the materials
    • Letters to parents explaining Inside The Law
    • Letters to teachers explaining Inside The Lawand the topics you can present
    • Examples for posting on Facebook and/or tweeting about each topic
    • Press releases to share with your community


    Lesson and Topics of Inside The Law

    Lesson 1 | The Rule of Law

    Lesson 2 | You Have the Right…

    Lesson 3 | Crimes Against Persons (gangs, bullying, assault, dating violence, etc)

    Lesson 4 | Crimes Against Property

    Lesson 5 | School Rules and Student Responsibilities

    Lesson 6 | Teen Labor Laws

    Lesson 7 | Keeping Your Driver's License

    Lesson 8 | Alcohol and Tobacco

    Lesson 9 | Drugs

    Lesson 10 | Teens and Technology

    Lesson 11 | Families and the Law

    Lesson 12 | Your Rights as a Victim

    Lesson 13 | Going to Court

    Lesson 14 | Protecting Yourself and Others


    School Safety and the Connection with Academics

    Implementing the Same Methods Employed by our Military and Topnotch Businesses to Enhance Personal Value and to Increase Student, Teacher, and Parent Confidence in You

    The ‘Invisible’ Indicators of a Successful School Policing Program

    Why Outcome is More Important than Activity

    The ‘A, B, C’ of Changing Behaviors

    Create Lasting Connections with Students

    Communicating Effectively Across Different Age Groups

    The Art of Conveying Information and Fostering Critical Thinking

    The Power of Perspective, Purpose, and Attachment for Young People

    Being Vital over Viral

    Scripting the Critical Moves

    Orienting for Success

    Good, Better, and Best: The Only Acceptable Order

What others are saying

Comments from those who have attended our trainings
This has been the most common-sensical training I have ever attended. I really enjoyed this training.
SRO: 15+ years NY
Amazing! The info was very significant, helpful, presenter very involved, knowledgeable, and passionate about the subject. Games were fun and handouts perfect. I highly recommend!
SRO: 5+ years MA
I really appreciate that in addition to the training and information, there is a program that can be implemented immediately.
SRO: 7+ years MA
I highly recommend this training for any officer and their supervisors!
SRO Supervisor: 5+ years CT
I really enjoyed this class. Very important materials discussed and an eye opener about certain school related incidents and situations.
SRO: 15+ years VA
Excellent! Great information to take back to school to make the students and staff safer & the school a better place to learn.
SRO: 15+ years MO
Other Details
Each participant will receive the following:
Who should attend?

    A comprehensive law-related education bundle (Inside The Law) for middle and high school students

    Offsite coaching in implementing the law-related education bundle as well as the other training concepts and materials

    Safety layers worksheet and evaluation procedures

    Student Behavior Checklist & Teacher Safety Journal

    PowerPoints, lesson plans, handouts, and other staff development materials

    Access to additional training & more!

    • Principals/Vice Principals/Dean of Students
    • Superintendents
    • School Resource Officers
    • Threat Assessment Coordinators
    • Police Supervisors
    • Counselors
    • Teachers
    • DARE officers
    • Probation Officers
    • Other critical leaders

$145 per person ($125 per person for police departments that send three or more personnel)

Special pricing available upon request for school districts and/or police departments that would like to sponsor the entire training as an in-service or professional development training exclusively for their personnel.

Please contact our team for pricing.

Free training available for those who host a course. To see how easy it is, take a look at our hosting information.