Principals of School Safety

READY Professional Development Course

16 Hours (two days)

Critical Information for Critical Leaders


No security device is better than a person and no person is more critical in making a school safer than the principal. 


That's why we've created this fast paced, technique intense, two-day professional development course specifically to equip elementary, middle, and high school principals as well as other critical school leaders to be the safety experts in their school.


No other course better prepares you to prevent an attack on your school!


    Enhancing school climate while improving school safety

    Blending security measures and the academic process into a single effort

    Implementing the international violence prevention strategy of CPTED

    Identifying the warning signs and pre-indicators of imminent violence

    Preventing another Columbine and reducing the risk of a school attack

    Sending the message that your school is not an easy target to would be offenders

    Distinguishing non-threatening behavior from threatening behavior

    Effectively and quickly assessing threats of violence

    Determining whether a student’s risk for violence is high, medium, or low

    Equipping your teachers & students to safely respond to threats of violence

    Creating multiple safety layers to filter out unwanted behavior and violence

    Integrating students safely back into the school after making a threat of violence

    Collaborating effectively with police and other support professionals

    Protecting yourself and your school from legal and civil liability

    Secure, fast, and accurate communication when minutes matter

What others are saying

Comments from those who have attended this professional development
I've been associated with safety for 16 years at a large city school. This was excellent!!
Principal: 16+ years NY
Very well done. As a veteran administrator, I found it very useful and eye opening
Principal: 20+ years CT
Excellent! Wealth of information and great mix of activities/small group. 1st class handouts, will be very useful in schools
Principal: 20+ years MA
This is one of the best trainings I have attended. I feel I have gained valuable information and resources and will be able to create a safer environment now!
Principal: 3+ years PA
I really enjoyed this class. Very important materials discussed and an eye opener about certain school related incidents and situations.
SRO: 15+ years VA
This presenter was very knowledgeable about the topic. He was engaging and thoughtful when answering questions. Very nice job.
Counselor: 15+ years NY
Other Details
Each participant will receive the following:
Who should attend?

    Offsite coaching in implementing the threat assessment procedures as well as assessing actual threats of violence through the current school year

    Comprehensive threat assessment procedures for assessing a threat of violence

    Safety layers worksheet and evaluation procedures

    Student Behavior Checklist & Teacher Safety Journal

    PowerPoints, lesson plans, handouts, and other staff development materials

    Membership to our Threat Assessment Center, an online database of threat assessment procedures and worksheets in PDF fill-in-forms.

    Access to the SRO Toolbox & more!

    • Principals/Vice Principals/Dean of Students
    • Superintendents
    • School Resource Officers
    • Threat Assessment Coordinators
    • Police Supervisors
    • Counselors
    • Teachers
    • DARE officers
    • Probation Officers
    • Other critical leaders

$245 per person ($225 per person for districts and police departments that send three or more personnel)


Special pricing available upon request for school districts and/or police departments that would like to sponsor the entire training as an in-service or professional development training exclusively for their personnel.


Please contact our team for pricing.


Free training available for those who host a course. To see how easy it is, take a look at our hosting information.