Purposeful Policing

In a conventional war, one side tries to force the other side into submission—make them quit and give up, go home. That's not the struggle that police officers are currently fighting. Their war is a more difficult war because it's an unconventional war—a culture war—where victory will not go only to the one who is the toughest, but to the one who is also the smartest.


While it can be extremely difficult to win a culture war, it's not impossible. Especially if police officers are purposeful in their actions, adopt the right strategy, and follow some simple rules about which individual and department activities to implement.


It's time for a new strategy, new activities, and a new perspective. It's time to win the culture war with Purposeful Policing.


    The Hardships and Personal Costs of a Culture War…and Why They're Worth It!

    A Reflection on Recent Events and How Police Departments Can Lose…Even When They're Really Winning

    Why The Media Lies So Much

    The Critical Difference Between Strategy and Tactics

    Why Current Community Policing Efforts are Destined to Fail

    Thinking on the Strategic Level Without Impeding Tactical Gains

    Implementing the Perfect Strategy to Win a Culture War

    Individual and Department Application of Purposeful Policing

    Maintaining a Winning (and Healthy) Mindset While Mired in Muck

    New Stats to Gauge Success

    Collaborating effectively with other support professionals

    Learning from the strategic success and failures of others including Sir Robert Peel in 1830, Lawrence of Arabia in 1914, U.S. Military in Vietnam and Iraq, British Military in Malaysia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, as well as police departments across America

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Comments from those who have attended this professional development

Love it!

Thank you for everything!

Police Officer 15+ years CT
I would rather have had 2 days

of training – so much great information!
SRO: 20+ years CT

Wow! Very powerful!

I am eager to share what we learned.

Police Officer: 20+ years MA

I was highly impressed.

Very real and the examples/discussions were great!

Police Officer: 3+ years VA
Excellent and very practical!
SRO: 15+ years VA

I learned so much!

Very insightful! I'm looking forward to more trainings.

Very nice job.

Supervisor: 15+ years NY
Other Details
Who Should Attend? (course is open to active law enforcement personnel)

    Chief of Police/Sheriff

    Police Supervisors

    Patrol Officers

    Community Policing Officers, SRO's, DARE, GREAT, and other youth based officers

    Detectives, Narcotics, SWAT, and other Specialized Officers

    College Campus Officers

    Field Training Officers

    Academy/Training Personnel

    Correctional Officers/Personnel

    Federal/State Police Officers

    Police Spokespersons

    Commonwealth/District Attorney's, Court Services, Probation Officers, and other personnel related to law enforcement will be approved on a case-by-case basis.


$145 per person


Special pricing available upon request for police departments that would like to sponsor the entire training as an in-service or professional development training exclusively for their personnel.


Please contact our team for pricing.


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