Preventing the Violent Act

READY Professional Development Course

2 hour, 4 hour, and 8 hour segments available

Prevent school attacks and identify school attackers


We know that those who are on a tragic path to violence are most often in plain view, right in front of our eyes, and give off distinct warning signals and pre-incident indicators as they move through the four phases of committing an act of targeted violence, which are 1) considering the act, 2) developing a plan, 3) preparing for the act, and 4) executing the violence.


Participants will learn to intercept those on the path to violence, hone their skills in reading pre-incident indicators, and implement proactive strategies and multiple safety layers that enable us to see more, hear more, and therefore prevent more.


    Assessing Behaviors and Identifying Pre-indicators of Violence

    Dispelling Myths about Columbine & other Acts of Targeted Violence

    The Four Stages of the Path to Violence

    Distinguishing Normal Behavior from Threatening Behavior

    Gathering Information by Using All of Our Senses

    Lowering the Threat of Danger by Lowering our Vulnerability

    Creating Multiple Safety Layers and Filters Inside Your School

    Intervening After a Threat has Been Made

    Preventing Another Columbine

    Enhancing School Threat Assessment Protocols

    Lessons Learned (Analysis of Previous Violence in Schools)

    And much more.

What others are saying

Comments from those who have attended this professional development
Very relevant material. Terrific stories. Great PowerPoint. Best SRO related training I've been to.
SRO: 5+ years CT
Enjoyed the examples for abstract thinking. Excellent training, enjoyed very much.
Principal: 20+ years MO
Loved the student referral checklist- will introduce @ next school safety meeting.
SRO: 7+ years CT
Don is one of the best instructors I have ever seen.
DARE Supervisor: 15+ years NY
Outstanding instructor - information very interesting!
SRO: 15+ years MO
Our schools are safer because of your help. Thank you!
Principal: 18+ years MO
Other Details
Each participant will receive the following:
Who should attend?

    Offsite coaching in implementing the training concepts as well as offsite assistance when participants complete a vulnerability assessment on a school

    Comprehensive school vulnerability checklist

    Safety layers worksheet and evaluation procedures

    PowerPoints, lesson plans, handouts, and other staff development materials

    Access to the SRO Toolbox & more!

    • School Resource Officers
    • Principals/Vice Principals/Deans of Students
    • Superintendents
    • Building and Grounds Supervisors
    • Director of Security
    • Police Supervisors
    • Counselors
    • Teachers
    • DARE officers
    • Probation Officers
    • Others with protective responsibilities

This training is available in different lengths of instruction. Please contact our team for pricing options.


Special pricing available upon request for school districts and/or police departments that would like to sponsor the entire training as an in-service or professional development training exclusively for their personnel.


Free training available for those who host a course. To see how easy it is, take a look at our hosting information.