People are the Prize






Conducting School Vulnerability Assessments

How to Immediately Make Your Students and Teachers Safer


Mooseheart, IL

22-23 March 2018


22-23 March 2018

Thursday - Friday



Mooseheart Child City & School

255 James J Davis Dr,

Mooseheart, IL 60539

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Course at a glance...

-- Advanced Violence Prevention

-- 14 Credit Hours & Certificate Awarded

-- Consisting of Instruction & Extensive Practical Application

-- Continued Support in Conducting Vulnerability Assessments

-- Open to Police, School Personnel, and other select individuals


All participants must be approved to attend by The Shomette Group

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the instructor & creator of ACT FAST & The Unbreakable Student

Don Shomette is unlike any other violence prevention specialist. He doesn't focus on cameras, doors, and locks, but people. His personal motto is that People are the Prize and this unrelenting belief is embedded into everything that he and his company (People are the Prize) create or present.


Cameras record. Locks delay. People prevent violence. Nothing is more imporant than a committed, trained vigilant person.


People are the Prize!


Rated consistently for over 20 years as one of the best instructors ever, Don challenges, inspires, and has equipped thousands of schools and police departments to think differently about preventing violence.


And if that doesn't make him different enough, he's has 8 kids of his own, was a prior School Resource Officer, therapeutic foster parent, and a US Marine for 12 years with the distinction of being an honor graduate from Marine Corps Recruit Training, Infantry Training School, Non-Commissioned Officer School, and Officer Candidate School.


As an expert in assessing threats of violence and conducting human threat assessments, Don has equipped countless school districts, superintendents, principals, SRO's, counselors, teachers, mayors, city managers, and other community leaders with the skills and materials to quickly and accurately determine if a student truly poses a threat to himself and others.


Don's expertise in discerning threats of violence is consistently sought by law enforcement and school personnel throughout the country.

Don Shomette

"I was going to retire, but you inspired me to keep going."


--New York Police Officer 20+ years

"I have never had a presenter who was so knowledgeable on the topic. I learned more in this 2-day course than in my 16 years in my law enforcement and teaching career."


--Professor of Criminal Justice, AL

"I enjoyed your class so much that I texted my training Sgt and thanked him for sending me!"


--Indiana Police Officer 8+ Years





He's had the privilege of working inside and with urban, rural, suburban, private, charter, universities, and religious schools with mild to severe violence issues and ranging in size from 8,000 students to over 65,000 students.

Some of those that he's helped...


and many more...


"I have learned so much that I can apply right away-actually started last night when I stopped back to school. Absolutely want to have you come to my building!"


-- Principal 15+ yrs

"This course should be MANDATED if taught by Don for every single school district and changes must be made. Our kids are worth it.!"


-- Principal 15+ yrs

"Don is such a very excellent instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed this class. The information shared was priceless and I look forward to implementing these techniques in the future."


-- SRO 8-15 yrs

"This is wonderful training! The information presented was very helpful. I'm looking forward to incorporating it into our school!"


-- School social worker 15+ yrs

"Great training with hands-on application! Extremely helpful to look at our school through different eyes. Statement that hit me the hardest - 'Good is the enemy of great'."


-- Administrator 8+ yrs

"Don is such an exceptional instructor, so knowledgable. Makes training very interesting."


-- Administrator 8-15 yrs

"I enjoyed the training. Very relevant. Great discussions. I would love it if you offered follow up training."


-- SRO 8-15 yrs


"Excellent course that encouraged discussion among participants! This course is a must for every administrator to take!"


-- Principal 8+ yrs

"This course is a must for SRO's!!!!"


-- SRO 4+ yrs

"Don makes himself accessible forever which is a huge asset and resource."


-- SRO 15+ yrs

"Don's commitment to preventing violence through relationships first and foremost is heartening!"


-- Principal 15+ yrs

"Outstanding training, great information to take back to my school!"


-- SRO 15+ yrs

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$395 per person*


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Cancellation/Reschedule Policy:

  1. The Shomette Group reserves the right to cancel or reschedule training. If the training is cancelled or rescheduled, you will be contacted at the email address and/or phone number you provided when you registered.
  2. Any training with less than 15 registrations one week prior to the course start date may be rescheduled or cancelled.
  3. The Shomette Group is not responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of the rescheduling or cancellation of any course.

Attendance Policy:

  1. All trainings are private and not open to the public.
  2. No person will be admitted without prior written approval from The Shomette Group.
  3. All registrations must be made prior to start of the training. Those who arrive on the day of the training, without first being registered and approved to attend, will be denied access.
  4. Because of the sensitivity of the materials, participants may be required to validate their law enforcement and or association with an educational institution.
  5. The Shomette Group reserves the right to deny anyone admittance to the training at any time.

Refund Policy:

  1. Request for refunds must be made in writing two weeks prior to the course start date or the registration fee will be applied to another training.
  2. A $25 dollar refund fee may be charged depending on payment method.

For Assistance:

Please call or email Don Shomette


Your privacy:

Matters a great deal to us. We will never share your information. Period.

* Fee includes instruction, materials, support, and access to free staff development materials only for the participants and their individual school. For a school to use the materials, they must send a staff member to the training.

*All participants must be approved by The Shomette Group which reserves the right to make the final determination of who is permitted to attend a professional development.

Participants who attend this class and First Step: Advanced Student Threat Assessments on 20-21 March 2018 receive a Violence Prevention Certification through The Shomette Group.


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