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Bethel, CT

26 September 2019


26 September 2019




Bethel Police Department

12 Judd Ave

Bethel, CT 06801

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Course at a glance...

-- 1 Day Live Professional Development

-- Advanced Student Safety & Human Threat Assessment Procedures

-- 7 Credit Hours & Certificate Awarded

-- Consisting of Instruction, Discussion, & Practical Application

-- Continued Support from Instructor in Conducting Student Assessments

-- Open to Police, School Personnel, and Select Others


All participants must be approved to attend by The Shomette Group


FIRST STEP is a one-day advanced professional development course that gives you the skills, materials, and confidence to quickly and accurately determine if a student who has made a threat to attack your school truly poses a threat to himself and others.


Those who possess these skills are invaluable members of their community & profession!


With FIRST STEP, you'll be able to assess, intervene, and manage a dangerous student and guide your school community to respond quickly and appropriately.


You will also learn how to…


  • Conduct comprehensive student safety assessments & human threat assessments
  • Implement effective intervention techniques to prevent a school attack
  • Identify what stage a student is on The Path to Violence
  • Distinguish threatening from non-threatening behaviors
  • Identify indicators of imminent or impending danger
  • Assess (read) student behaviors and determine their true risk level
  • Predict future student behaviors & calculate potential risk
  • Predict type & intensity of future student behaviors & calculate potential risk
  • Utilize proactive and effective (included) intervention plans to lower the risk level
  • Administer effective discipline after a student has made a threat of violence
  • Integrate suspended and expelled students safely back into the school
  • Prevent stigmatizing students and alienating parents
  • Positively change the lives of students
  • Enhance your quality of life and raise your school's total climate
  • Protect your school and yourself against civil liability
  • And so much so...


Use FIRST STEP as a stand alone program or to supplement your existing procedures!


You're only as good as your best plan...

If you're walking east searching for a sunset, you'll never find it. Regardless of your passion, commitment, and good intentions, it's never going to happen because you have the wrong plan.


You may be the last person who can prevent a school attack and the risk is too great not to have the best plan in place to save lives. Don't chance it! A wrong plan leads to failure.


Register today for FIRST STEP and keep your standards high and your efforts focused. Just follow our proven process and it'll guide you through the critical steps to not only effectively assess a threat of violence but also to implement an awesome intervention plan.


Register today and we'll give you the best plan, materials, support, and training.

But don't take our word for it. Instead, take the word of every superintendent, principal, chief of police, sheriff, SRO, DARE Officer, GREAT Officer, Prevention Resource Officer, counselor, teacher, attorney, security officer, youth officer, probation officer, and many others who have attended our training because...

100% of those who've attended our Threat Assessment courses

would recommend them to their friends and well as attend another course by Don Shomette!

What is included?

Each participant will receive 1 days of classroom instruction, a course certificate, 7 hours of in-service credits, as well as the materials listed below!



You'll receive worksheets and procedures to assist you in assessing the threat, making a 'snapshot' assessment, safeguarding potential victims, determining the current risk level, leading interviews, conducting searches, protecting yourself against civil liability, and so much more.

To make it easier and quicker for your to act, we've also created intervention plans that you can modify to fit your current situation and implement almost immediately.

All worksheets and procedures are in printable and PDF prefillable format. Just type it in and print it out.


One-on-One Support


If you find yourself conducting a student threat assessment, reach out to us and we'll help you as much as you need--for free! Use us to problem-solve, confirm your findings, or to modify the included intervention plans.

What we're doing is too important to go it alone...we will not leave on your own!


Student & Staff Development Materials


Each participant will receive free staff materials to help prepare your school to prevent a school attack.

Use the PowerPoints and videos to give a brief class to your teachers, students, and staff members or let them watch it on their own--it's up to you! You'll receive access to the following...

Indicators of Danger (PowerPoint)

Every school attacker gives off public indicators of impending danger. Educate your teachers and staff members with this 25 slide PowerPoint for the warning signs to look for that a student is preparing to attack your school.



the process & materials for assessing, intervening, and managing a threat.


Topics & Course Outline

Day 1: 8:30 - 3:30

(classroom instruction & practical applications)

    The purpose, process, and critical steps of a threat assessment

    Effectively applying threat (needs) assessments in a school environment

    Integrating FIRST STEP as a stand alone program or to supplement your personal as well as your school's procedures for responding to threatening behaviors

    Commonalities of the school attackers and lessons learned

    Distinguishing non-threatening behavior from threatening behavior

    Making a 'snapshot' assessment and other immediate life saving actions

    Reading (assessing) student behaviors and determining their true risk level

    Predicting the type, frequency, and intensity of future student behaviors

    Calculating the potential risk level for future violence

    Implementing effective & realistic methods to de-escalate dangerous situations

    Utilizing proactive intervention plans to lower the risk level

    Administering effective discipline after a student has made a threat of violence

    Integrating students safely and positively back into the school after being suspended for a threat of violence

    Blending threat assessment procedures into the academic process

    Creating multiple safety layers to filter out unwanted behavior and violence

    Collaborating effectively with police and other critical support professionals




the instructor & creator of FIRST STEP

Don Shomette is unlike any other violence prevention specialist. He doesn't focus on cameras, doors, and locks, but people. His personal motto is that People are the Prize and this unrelenting belief is embedded into everything that he and his company (People are the Prize) create or present.


Cameras record. Locks delay. People prevent violence. Nothing is more imporant than a committed, trained vigilant person.


People are the Prize!


Rated consistently for over 25 years as one of the best instructors ever, Don challenges, inspires, and has equipped thousands of schools and police departments to think differently about preventing violence.


And if that doesn't make him different enough, he's has 8 kids of his own, was a prior School Resource Officer, therapeutic foster parent, and a US Marine with the distinction of being an honor graduate from Marine Corps Recruit Training, Infantry Training School, Non-Commissioned Officer School, and Officer Candidate School.


As an expert in assessing threats of violence and conducting human threat assessments, Don has equipped countless school districts, superintendents, principals, SRO's, counselors, teachers, mayors, city managers, and other community leaders with the skills and materials to quickly and accurately determine if a student truly poses a threat to himself and others.


Don's expertise in discerning threats of violence is consistently sought by law enforcement and school personnel throughout the country.

Don Shomette

"I was going to retire, but you inspired me to keep going."


--New York Police Officer 20+ years

"I have never had a presenter who was so knowledgeable on the topic. I learned more in this 2-day course than in my 16 years in my law enforcement and teaching career."


--Professor of Criminal Justice, AL

"I enjoyed your class so much that I texted my training Sgt and thanked him for sending me!"


--Indiana Police Officer 8+ Years




He's had the privilege of working inside and with urban, rural, suburban, private, charter, universities, and religious schools with mild to severe violence issues and ranging in size from 8,000 students to over 65,000 students.

Some of those that he's helped...


and many more...


"Expectional practical applications and materials. I have learned something new and increased my skill level through each of your training programs. I would love to take any training you offer!"


-- School administrator 8+ yrs

"This course was excellent! Don's knowledge is great. This is the second class I've attended with Don. Great course & great instructor!"


-- SRO 8-15 yrs

"Class was very well constructed with facts and research. Don does a remarkable job presenting this information. Great handouts that will be used at our district!"


-- School administrator 8-15 yrs

"This was a wonderful training! The information presented was very helpful. I am looking forward to incorportating it into our school policy to address threats of student safety."


-- Social worker 15+ yrs

"Instructor provides handouts and makes himself accessible for forever which is a huge asset and resource!"


-- School Resource Officer 15+ yrs

"Don is such an exceptional instructor, so knowledgable. Makes training very interesting."


-- Administrator 8-15 yrs

"I wish I could bring all of my staff members to this training! Thank you for what you do!"


-- SRO 1-3 yrs


"Excellent course that encouraged discussion among participants! This course is a must for every administrator to take!"


-- Principal 8+ yrs

"This course is a must for SRO's!!!!"


-- SRO 4+ yrs

"Don's commitment to preventing violence through relationships first and foremost is heartening!"


-- Principal 15+ yrs

"Outstanding training, great information to take back to my school!"


-- SRO 15+ yrs

Frequently Asked Questions

Email us at or call 540-577-7200 for additional questions. Please let us know how we can help!

1. Who should attend?


Active law enforcement and those who work inside a public, private, or college level school.


Superintendents, Principals, Deans of Students, Counselors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, SRO's, DARE Officers, Threat Assessment Coordinators, Police Supervisors, Teachers, Probation Officers, Security Officers, Youth Services Officers, Members of the Threat Assessment Teams, Youth Correctional Officers, Residential Life Coordinators, Campus Police Officers, Juvenile Detention Specialists, and other school members.

2. Do I first have to attend a 'basic' course?


The course materials and prevention techniques are advanced, but it is not necessary to first attend a basic course. Course participants will leave the professional development with more than a basic understanding of threat assessments and creating intervention plans.

3. I attended your School Threat Assessment Procedures training. Is this the same class?


No, this is a new class with new materials, new threat assessment procedures, and new intervention plans. Because this is also a threat assessment training, there will of course be some cross over but not too much.

4. I don't work in the schools, but I really want this information. Can I attend the class?


The course is designed for school personnel and law enforcement officers. Because of the sensitive nature of the materials, we must be very selective in who attends. Please email us and let us know what you do and why you want to attend the class. We'll do everything we can to accommodate your request!

5. I provide the training for my school district. Can I share the course materials I receive from the class with all the schools in my district?


This professional development is for individual schools. For a school to use the materials, they must send a staff member to the training and that person must be the one who is going to utilize First Step in that school.

Register for First Step!


Limited Seats Available!


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Registration Fee:


$395 per person*


TEAMWORK: Group Registration Fee:

It takes TEAMWORK to prevent violence!


For agencies that register 3 or more participants, we'll give you the same number in free seats! Send 3, 4, 5, 6 or more and we'll give you 3, 4, 5, 6 or more in free seats!

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy:

  1. The Shomette Group reserves the right to cancel or reschedule training. If the training is cancelled or rescheduled, you will be contacted at the email address and/or phone number you provided when you registered.
  2. Any training with less than 15 registrations one week prior to the course start date may be rescheduled or cancelled.
  3. The Shomette Group is not responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of the rescheduling or cancellation of any course.

Attendance Policy:

  1. All trainings are private and not open to the public.
  2. No person will be admitted without prior written approval from The Shomette Group.
  3. All registrations must be made prior to start of the training. Those who arrive on the day of the training, without first being registered and approved to attend, will be denied access.
  4. Because of the sensitivity of the materials, participants may be required to validate their law enforcement and or association with an educational institution.
  5. The Shomette Group reserves the right to deny anyone admittance to the training at any time.

Refund Policy:

  1. Request for refunds must be made in writing two weeks prior to the course start date or the registration fee will be applied to another training.
  2. A $25 dollar refund fee may be charged depending on payment method.

For Assistance:

Please call or email Don Shomette


Your privacy:

Matters a great deal to us. We will never share your information. Period.

* Fee includes instruction, materials, support, and access to free staff development materials only for the participants and their individual school. For a school to use the materials, they must send a staff member to the training.

*All participants must be approved by The Shomette Group which reserves the right to make the final determination of who is permitted to attend a professional development.

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