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Course at a glance...

-- 2 Day Live Professional Development

-- Certification as ACT FAST Practitioner & Instructor

-- 14 Credit Hours & Certificate Awarded

-- Consisting of Instruction, Discussion, & Practical Application

-- Participants receive PowerPoints & other staff development tools

-- Continued support from instructor in implementing techniques

-- Open only to active law enforcement & school personnel


Because of the nature of the materials, all participants must be approved to attend by The Shomette Group

Don't settle for the small solution...



During extreme violence, people don't do what they should do. They do whatever they can do to survive. Because we live busy lives and have very little time to train, we must focus on enhancing what the person can already do, instead of giving them a bulky, complicated, and hard to remember lists or acronyms of what they should do...but won't.


People first, everything else second...


We know what people will and can do because we've meticulously researched and carefully analyzed countless school attacks and other incidents of extreme violence and we discovered that those who survive implement the same 3 successful principles.


In this fast paced, in-depth, 2-day professional development, you'll learn how to effectively utilize these three principles as well as receive the skills, materials, and support to equip your school to do the same.


Don't scare your teachers or waste precious time trying to make them into something they're not. ACT FAST enhances a person's natural response to extreme violence and that makes it the easiest and quickest strategy to implement, taking as little as 30 minutes or less to prepare teachers, staff members, & students to use it.



Don't settle for the small solution...


Every other crisis program is procedural based instead of people focused which makes their scope narrow and their application small. When your students move on in life, their programs don't go with them. It stays with the school, not the person.


ACT FAST travels with the student forever because it's people focused.


We have limited training time, resources, and funds. Don't waste yours on a small solution. Seize the bigger opportunity and impact a life for a lifetime with ACT FAST!


With ACT FAST, your students as well as your teachers and staff members, will know how to survive a school attack, but also a terrorist attack, active shooter, work place violence, stalker, domestic assault—any extreme violence they will encounter in life!


Complement without conflict...


ACT FAST enhances the person's natural response to extreme violence which means that it complements all other policies, procedures, programs, or protocols.


There's zero conflict with adding ACT FAST to your established crisis procedures. Simply keep everything you're doing now and make it better with ACT FAST or use it as your stand-alone response.

The best way to help your teachers to be successful...

during a school attack is to teach them the SAME life-saving techniques that other teachers have successfully implemented...and that's ACT FAST!

What is included?


Each participant receives 2 days of classroom instruction, a course certificate, 14 hours of in-service credits, certification as an ACT FAST Instructor as well as the materials listed below!


Recorded Videos for Teachers:

Each teacher (from your school) will receive access to our ACT FAST for Teachers Recorded Videos. These 10 short videos (1hr 45 mins) walk a teacher through the principles & strategies you'll learn in the live training.

Normally $897 per school, access to this course is free to your school if you attend this professional development! Use these videos as a stand alone training or in combination with other included materials--you decide!

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Use the included PowerPoint to present ACT FAST to your teachers, staff members, and students. (PowerPoint is approximately 75 slides. Participants who attend the live training will be walked through the PowerPoint as well as watch an example of the instructor giving the class in 30 minutes or less).


Instructor Video:

To make presenting ACT FAST to your school even easier, each participant will receive access to an instructor video where they can watch the instructor explaining key slides in the PowerPoint as well as how to make the most of the PowerPoint. Use this as a refresher or to gain additional tips, ideas, and suggestions for giving an awesome class!


Continued Support:

Call, email, or text and we'll make sure you're ready to present ACT FAST, implement the strategies, and that your school is better prepared to survive a school attack.


Topics & Course Outline

Day 1: 8:30 - 4:00

(classroom instruction & practical applications)

    Understanding the true nature of the threat, the fluid dynamics of a school attack, and a person's physical response to horrific events and how it can help or hurt

    Understanding & applying the 3 principles of ACT FAST

    Real examples of how others have used the 3 principles of ACT FAST to survive a school attack and lead others to survive a school attack

    Initiating the ACT FAST strategy as an individual and school wide response

    Integrating secondary strategies such as Run, Hide, Fight, Deny, Delay, Defend (and other strategies) into the primary strategy of ACT FAST

    Assessing warning signs and deciding when and how to transition into another ACT FAST principle or strategy

Day 2: 8:30 - 4:00

(classroom instruction & practical applications)

    Establishing and prioritizing individual and school-wide First Actions in a crisis

    Breaking the myth that the only form of fighting is going physical with the attacker

    How hiding, denying, running, locking down, and surviving are all forms of effective fighting

    Realistic and effective measures to control access into classrooms

    Perfecting the lockdown (hide/deny) procedure and regaining the initiative

    Preparing a school with the skills to survive and end a school attack

    Explaining and instilling a true survivor's mindset in others

    Understanding police response and procedures for ending a school attack

    Collaborating effectively with police and other critical support professionals

    Responding to parents, the media, and other members of the community

    Blending the ACT FAST procedures into existing procedures or utilizing as a stand-alone program

    Making the most out of course materials, online videos, and instructor support



"The information was very informative. I can't imagine NOT having this information. With that, I returned to my district last night and spoke to great length about what I learned these past two days.


-- Assistant Principal 4-7 yrs

"Don speaks about things that actually matter. Very knowledgeable. The strategy is easy to understand and simple enough to teach."


-- SRO 1-3 yrs

"Great course! Enlightens the mind. Learned a great wealth of knowledge over the past two days. PowerPoint was very good."


-- Community Services Officer 1-3 yrs


"Excellent course that encouraged discussion among participants! This course is a must for every administrator to take!"


-- Principal 8+ yrs

"You have a tremendous amount of knowledge pertaining to this topic.

I always come away from your classes learning something new."


-- SRO 15+ yrs

"Thank you for your wonderful presentation! Vibrant and lively interaction allows us to engage in the class. Thank you!"


-- Principal 15+ yrs

"This is my third training session taught by Don.

Great classes, great instructor."


--Police Officer 15+ yrs

"Instructor was incredibly well spoken/interesting."


-- SRO 1-3 yrs

"Great training for school admin, SRO's and school security."


-- SRO 15+ yrs

"Thank you! It was a pleasure learning from you!"


-- School administrator 15+ yrs

"I really like the idea of focusing on people's strength!"


-- School Safety Officer 15+ yrs

"Don's commitment to preventing violence through relationships first and foremost is heartening!"


-- Principal 15+ yrs

"Outstanding training, great information to take back to my school!"


-- SRO 15+ yrs

100% of those who've attended this course...

would recommend it to their friends and well as attend another course by Don Shomette!

Registration Fee

Individual Registration Fee:

$395 per person*

Group Registration Fee:

Agencies that send 3 or more to the training

$345 per person*

Agency In-Service or District Wide Professional Development Fee:

Agencies that send 20 or more to the training

$295 per person*

Organizations that host a course:

Will receive two free seats to the training.

$790 worth of free training


Hosting a course is simple! All you have to do is provide a classroom and help spread the word via your established networks and we'll do the rest. For more information, visit our hosting page or give us a call: 540-577-7200


* Fee includes instruction, materials, support, and access to free staff development materials only for the participants and their individual school. For a school to use the materials, they must send a staff member to the training.

* Additional fees may apply to use the online training recorded videos for schools with more than 200 staff members and teachers.

All participants must be approved by The Shomette Group which reserves the right to make the final determination of who is permitted to attend a professional development.



Email us at or call 540-577-7200 for additional questions. Please let us know how we can help!