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    Establishing a school threat assessment team, procedures, and policies

    Best practices to effectively and quickly assess any threat of violence

    Distinguishing non-threatening behavior from threatening behavior

    Determining whether the risk for violence is high, medium, or low

    Implementing intervention plans to de-escalate dangerous situations

    Understanding the social and family dynamics that impact a threat assessment

    Equipping students and teachers to identify & safely respond to threats of violence

    Identifying the warning signs and pre-indicators of imminent violence

    Integrating students safely and positively back into the school after being suspended for a threat of violence

    Blending threat assessment procedures into the academic process

    Creating multiple safety layers to filter out unwanted behavior and violence

    Collaborating effectively with police and other critical support professionals

    Responding to parents, the media, and other members of the community

    Protecting yourself and your school from legal and civil liability

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Each participant will receive the following:
Who should attend?

    Offsite coaching in implementing the threat assessment procedures as well as assessing actual threats of violence through the current school year

    Comprehensive threat assessment procedures for assessing a threat of violence

    Safety layers worksheet and evaluation procedures

    Student Behavior Checklist & Teacher Safety Journal

    PowerPoints, lesson plans, handouts, and other staff development materials

    Threat assessment procedures and worksheets in PDF fill-in-forms.

    Access to the SRO Toolbox & more!

    • School Resource Officers
    • Principals/Vice Principals/Deans of Students
    • Superintendents
    • Threat Assessment Coordinators
    • Police Supervisors
    • Counselors
    • Teachers
    • DARE officers
    • Probation Officers
    • Others with protective responsibilities
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