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School Vulnerability Assessments
Training Courses

Professional Development & In-service Courses

Break out sessions to week long training segments available. All courses can be customized to accomplish organizational goals.

Threat Assessment Procedures
These courses enable principals, schools, & SRO's to quickly and accurately assess if a person poses a threat.

16 Hours (Two Days)

No aspect of school safety is more important than being able to effectively assess a threat of violence and stop it before it can occur. Each person who attends this training will receive comprehensive threat assessment procedures both in paper and PDF fillable forms as well as learn how to determine if a person truly poses a threat to himself and others.

16 Hours (Two Days)

The worst case of school violence in America occurred in 1927 and cost the lives of 44 innocent children and teachers and wounded an additional 58. Few know about this tragedy and even fewer know the lessons learned. Attend this two day professional development and increase your knowledge and ability to prevent a tragedy in your school by learning about the worst attacks on our schools.

By studying the past we can create a safer future.

16 Hours (Two Days)

No security device is better than a person and no person is more critical in making a school safer than the principal. That's why we've created a fast paced, technique intense, two-day professional development course specifically to equip principals and other critical leaders to be the expert in their school. No other course better prepares principals to make their school safer!

School Resource Officer
Because of the nature and scope of the course materials, these trainings are specific to law enforcement.

32 Hours (Four Days)

The School Resource Officer (SRO) is a specialized position that requires specialized training. If you're new to the schools, or will be starting soon, nothing is more important than attending this basic course. The right basic training received in the beginning will equal better services provided in the future to school community, lower the stress and burnout suffered by the SRO, and make a greater difference in the lives of our students.

8 Hours (One Day)

If you really want to make your school safer, then develop a relationship with your students. The better that relationship, the more the students will trust you and share information which may prove to be the missing piece in preventing violence. With the students' help and support, the impossible becomes possible. SRO's who attend this one day dynamic class will receive our law related education program INSIDE THE LAW, learn advanced methods in developing student relationships, influencing student behavior...more

School & Personal Growth

One day courses guaranteed to change how you view school safety and yourself.

8 Hours (One Day)

Never has the expectation been higher or the demand greater on school leaders to make our schools safer. Failure is no longer an option.

This one day technique intensive professional development course will give school leaders a total school safety blueprint for implementing a proven and easy to follow safety program for preventing violence.

8 Hours (One Day)

If you want to be a difference maker and influence others to gain their trust, respect, and praise then you have to think big, act big, so you can win big. This fun, interactive, and dynamic one day professional development course will give you the skills and techniques to reach a higher level of performance. Success is not an accident.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
Courses for law enforcement and schools to learn how to reshape the environment to reduce unwanted behaviors.

16 Hours (Two Days)

You only have a problem if you don't have the solution.  CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and pronounced 'Sep-ted') is an internationally proven solution to prevent violence in public schools.  CPTED is unobtrusive, easy to implement, cost effective, and guaranteed to make your students and teachers safer.  Participants who attend this course will never look at their school the same way and your school will never look at you the same way. 

16 Hours (Two Days)

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED pronounced 'Sep-ted') is an internationally proven method of reshaping the environment to make it harder for crime and other unwanted behavior to occur.  Used by law enforcement agencies and private businesses across the world, few violence prevention techniques have been studied more or proven to be more effective than CPTED.

Conducting Vulnerability Assessments
Courses that enable law enforcement and school personnel to assess a school or public space for vulnerabilities

16 Hours (Two Days)

Participants will learn how to conduct a comprehensive school vulnerability assessment, determine a school's vulnerabililty to violence, which types of violence are most likely to occur, and how to reduce or eliminate the threat of danger.


Those who attend this training will never look at their school the same way again.

16 Hours (Two Days)

Learn how to identify and correct the vulnerabilities in locations such as schools, court houses, housing projects, local businesses, shopping malls, and other public buildings.  Participants who attend this training will learn how to apply the internationally proven strategy of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) in any public setting and therefore become valuable resources to their communities. 

School Personnel
These courses are great for in-services, stand alone trainings, and conferences.

2, 4, 8, 16 hour segments

Those planning to use violence give off warning signs.

This class will show teachers how to identify the signals, signs, drawings, speech, clothing, and behaviors that indicate a student is a real danger to themselves and others as well as the safe and proper way to intervene when an indicator of danger is observed.

2, 4, 8, 16 hour segments

Participants will learn to intercept those on the path to violence, hone their skills in reading pre-incident indicators, implement proactive strategies and multiple safety layers that enable us to see more, hear more, and therefore prevent more.

2, 4, 8 hour segments

Don't trust the lives of your staff and students to only one layer of safety.

Instead, lower your vulnerability by creating redundancy (filters and layers) in your security plan. Learn how to create safety layers and filters that are easy to implement, cost effective, and extremely successful in preventing violence and the opportunity for violence to occur. It's as easy as 1+1=2.