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Quick Tips: Page 2

Helpful strategies and other quick tips and. We appreciate all suggestions for new quick tips as well as feedback.

Action Faster Than Reaction (1:51)

Never put yourself in a position where you have to play catch up-- be the one to act first!

High Expectation (1:12)

The higher our expectations the more we'll accomplish.

China School Attacks (3:02)

Some thoughts about the attacks in China and how it impacts America.

Operation Chill (1:01)

Take advantage of Seven Eleven's summer program for police officers. It's fantastic!

Looks Matter (1:44)

Why it's important to care about the appearance of our schools.

Now You See Him...(1:28)

Denying potential threats a hiding spot.

Deny & Delay (3:06)

Using access control to Deny & Delay would be offenders from gaining entry.

The Little Things (2:34)

A brief video about some of the little things that can make a big difference.

Swing Away (3:23)

A short clip and a lesson learned from the movie Signs staring Mel Gibson.