Don Shomette







The READY Method helps schools to develop meaningful relationships between students, staff, and parents.


Positive relationships promote communication, trust, and encourage participation. Schools that develop and maintain meaningful relationships within their school community will have a much safer school. Those who feel connected and accountable to one another are more likely to watch out for and report potential threats.


The READY Method gives you and your school the ability and the materials to develop and cultivate safety relationships.


If someone was planning and preparing to attack your school would your environment (building, culture, design, procedures) hinder their attack or help it?


The READY Method reshapes your school environment in subtle and non-obtrusive ways to reduce the opportunity for violence and other unwanted behaviors to occur as well as to send the unmistakable message that your school will not be an easy target.


Just because you're a target doesn't mean you have to be a victim.


There is no skill more critical than being able to quickly and accurately assess a threat of violence and determine if the person poses a threat to themselves or others.


The READY Method is intensely proactive and thoroughly committed to intervention and management of behaviors and not solely the punishment of the offender.


The READY Method gives people the skills as well as comprehensive worksheets and procedures to conduct human threat assessments.


Students that are planning and preparing to attack their school are very public and exhibit distinct and well known warning signs or indicators of danger.


They don't simply snap, but follow a very predictable path to violence.


The READY Method prepares school districts to be able to accurately identify, quickly report, and properly respond to these signs of danger.


Violence is a people problem that is best prevented by people. Cameras record, locks delay, but people prevent violence.


The READY Method focuses on people.


People are the prize to preventing a school attack, but only if they're given the ability and resources to be successful.


The READY Method gives people the skills, materials, and support to prevent violence and to become a school's greatest safety asset.