Don Shomette







All of our violence prevention trainings incorporate the READY Method.


The READY method is a common sense and easy to implement method for preventing a school attack, lesser forms of violence, and other unwanted behaviors.


For over twenty years, the READY method has been used by mayors, city managers, police chiefs, school districts, superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, and students to prevent violence in diverse school districts with minor to severe safety concerns and ranging in size from small to over 65,000 students.


When utilized, the READY method empowers a school with the ability and materials to implement the five elements necessary for preventing an attack and making a school safer.



The READY Method can serve to strengthen existing safety efforts or be utilized as a standalone school-wide violence prevention plan.


Whether you use some or all of the READY Method, your parents, students, and staff will see and feel the difference and thank you for making them safer.