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Why it works
Behavioral Management
The READY Method is dedicated to behavioral management and not 'target hardening'. The READY Method works because instead of adding metal detectors, the READY Method uses non-obtrusive methods to prevent negative behaviors while encouraging positive behaviors that make schools safer and enhance climates.
The READY Method works because we've incorporated preventing violence into the routine of a normal school day. Not as a stand alone measure that disrupts the day, but in collaboration with the academic process which instead enhances the day. In other words, just keep doing the great job that you're already doing and we'll show you how to do it safer and school wide.
Time Tested

For violence to occur there has to be a desire to commit violence, the skills set to make it happen, and the opportunity to accomplish it. This knowledge is as old as law enforcement and the methods to counter it are just as time tested. We've taken those lessons learned and reduced it down to the elements that are the most tested, trusted, and proven.


The READY Method works because the elements that make up the program have already been working for generations. 

Every day a school is doing one of two things; it's either preventing a crisis or managing a crisis. The READY Method works because it's 100% proactive and capable of preventing the type of violence that erupts into a crisis. Schools that are proactive are able to identify more threats, intervene sooner, and therefore prevent more violence. If you have to spend your time doing one or the other, it just makes sense to invest it in preventing a crisis.
The READY Method works because our approach is natural. We rely on the natural abilities of people instead of expensive mechanical safety devices. It's just common sense as well as cost effective to utilize the natural strengths you already possess. Besides being more effective, this approach has been widely applied for over seventy years by not only schools and police departments across the world, but also by civilian organizations and businesses that don't want to or can't afford to sacrifice an inviting and warm environment at the expense of being safer.
We won't let you go it alone. We have coaches and READY Team Specialists standing by to answer questions and offer suggestions to help you be more successful. The READY Method works because it's a collaboration.
We’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve created the materials, perfected the techniques, and tested it to make sure it works. The READY Method works because we give you all the materials you need to prevent violence.  All you have to do is plug it in and let it work. 
We all want to better our circumstances, to improve our school environment, and to be more successful. Parents want it, staff members are committed to it, and students deserve it. The fastest way to make this happen is to give people a clear purppose and something or someone to believe in. The READY Method works because it enhances your credibility as a change leader. The greater your crediblity the more people will be willing to follow you when they see the postive change you are making.
Filters & Layers
Don't trust the lives of your students and staff to only a locked door. The more safety filters & layers a school has in place the more difficult it is for others to hurt us. The READY Method works because it increases safety filters and layers which enables schools to identify potential threats as well as to initiate security procedures before the act of violence can occur.