School Safety Services
Making Our Schools Safer

Whether you're an individual looking to develop your skills, a principal wanting to protect his school, or a superintendent trying to prepare her district, we can help you reach your goals!

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Develop Your Self

For real change to occur we must change ourselves. We must embrace a growth mindset and we must add new skills. We've made it simple for you to do just that so invest in your self and become the difference maker in your school.

1. READY Program

Become certified ready to prevent violence by enrolling in our READY Program. Receive all the materials, skills, and coaching to implement a school-wide violence prevention program to make your school immediately safer.

2. Professional Development

We offer a wide array of courses to enhance your value and abilities-leadership, crisis management, preventing school attacks, assessing threats of violence, reshaping the environment (CPTED), conducting school vulnerability assessments, community policing, developing relationships, and other basic and advanced topics.

"I have learned so much that I can apply right away. I actually started last night when I stopped back to school...," Principal, 15 + years, New York

3. Coaching

To facilitate big change we offer offsite coaching for those who attend our events. We offer one-on-one instruction so you can better internalize and utilize the training materials and concepts.

4. Free Materials

Follow our blog and receive articles, PowerPoints, lesson plans, videos and invites to webinars and other online training opportunities. Not only will these make your job easier and you more productive, but each event provides the chance to learn.

Little improvements made daily will lead to big improvements in the future.

Protect Your School

We can reduce violence and fear while at the same time dramatically enhance school climate and quality of life. And the best part is that it's simple with the right perspective and information.

Just because you're a target doesn't mean you have to be a victim!

1. School Vulnerability Assessments

Our school vulnerability assessments focus on the human security and safety element (people) and that makes us completely different than other companies.

We care about people and making their lives better and not just about pointing out what's wrong. We strive to make their day immediately safer, reduce their fear, and raise their personal quality of life. All of our recommendations embody this core belief and are cost effective, easy to implement, and full of common sense. They're made for people.

We work for you and your safety matters to us!

2. School Threat Assessment Teams

It is critical for every school to create, train, and maintain a threat assessment team. This incredible asset gives a school the ability to quickly and accurately determine whether a person poses a threat (and not just whether they've made a threat).

If a school is to save lives, intervene and manage dangerous situations, as well as protect themselves from liability, then a school must be able to properly assess a threat.

We can help set up and train your team or individuals and provide your school with all the procedures and worksheets needed to make an assessment. As an added benefit, we've created an online Threat Assessment Center as a resource for your threat assessment teams.

And because this is about saving lives, we offer continued support in assessing actual threats of violence.

If a person makes a threat, we'll help you determine their true intent.

3. Staff Developments

Choose from a wide array of courses that will enable your teachers and staff members to identify and report potential threats, respond to dangerous situations, and equip them with ways to lower fear and prevent violence immediately.

Each course can be customized in length and material to meet the individual and unique needs of your school.

We work with you to make your staff successful.

4. Free Materials

Follow our blog and receive articles, staff development PowerPoints, lesson plans, videos, and invites to webinars and other online training opportunities that will help prepare your students, parents, safety team, threat assessment members, SRO, and other school community members.

Little improvements made daily will lead to big improvements in the future.

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Prepare Your District

Implementing district wide proactive safety and security procedures doesn't have to be difficult. We have the materials, systems, and experience to help you make positive and sweeping changes throughout your district immediately.

1. Consultation

We have advised and provided one-on-one leadership to mayors, city managers, superintendents, principals, police chiefs, and other critical leaders to problem solve safety concerns or to help initiate new security strategies in some of the largest school districts in America.

Our consultations can take many forms. In the past we have assisted by phone, offsite material review and preparation, onsite assistance, and extended contracts lasting over a year. The duration, method, and level of support are dependent on your unique district needs. We do whatever is best for you.

To begin the process of determining which approach will yield the greatest benefits for your district, please contact us to discuss options.

2. School Vulnerability Assessments

Every school crisis is, by default, a district wide crisis.

With this perspective in mind, districts must prepare to prevent, delay, or minimize a crisis. School vulnerability assessments are the best method to understand a district's current strengths and ability to respond to and prevent violence.

We specialize in conducting comprehensive district wide assessments. Not only will we provide each school with a separate Safety Plan, but we also provide each superintendent with a district level Trends Report for making immediate and sweeping improvements across the entire district.

Our team members will only discuss findings and suggestions with personnel approved by the superintendent. Confidentiality is strictly followed.

3. School Threat Assessment Teams

Making a good threat assessment is dependent on accurate information obtained quickly. Districts that use the same threat assessment procedures in all their schools make their school community immeasurably safer because everyone is using the same methodology to identify, intervene, and manage threats of violence across the entire district. This facilitates understanding, cooperation, and rapid communication.

All of this makes it possible and more likely to save lives.

We provide threat assessment procedures, training, and support to enable each school to be able to assess a threat of targeted violence.

As an added benefit, each school in the district will have access to our online Threat Assessment Center and one-on-one assistance from us in assessing actual threats of violence. With something as critical as making a threat assessment—everyone in every school must follow the same procedures.

4. Staff Developments

Choose from a wide array of professional developments that will enable your teachers and staff members to identify and report potential threats, to respond to dangerous situations, and equip them with ways to lower fear and prevent violence.

We know that each district is unique, so our courses can be modified to meet your needs.

5. Keynote Speaker

Great beginnings have great endings. We can help set the tone and direction of your conferences and other training events by leading off with the keynote speech.



What does this mean?

We offer school districts the opportunity to bring in one of our violence prevention experts as a short-term onsite consultant.

We call it the Total Package because it's like having a full-time director of security and safety in your district without paying a yearly salary.

This onetime fee can save you as much as 25% on all services and is the most cost effective method to develop your personnel, protect your schools, and prepare your district.