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"I've never had an instructor more knowledgeable on the topic.

I learned more in this two day course than in all of my 16 years

in law enforcement and teaching career."


-- Professor of Criminal Justice

What is ACT FAST?

ACT FAST is not an alert system or a theory of what people should do to survive a school attack. ACT FAST is a program crafted from what thousands have done to survive a school attack.


We've heavily researched and carefully studied the actions of thousands who have survived a school attack and we've come to 5 overwhelming conclusions.


1. Those who act fast are those who tend to survive and lead others to survive.

2. With or without training, people utilize the same 3 principles and 3 strategies.

3. The teacher is the critical leader.

4. When the initiative is regained, the attack ends in minutes if not seconds.

5. Everybody fights, in their own way, during a school attack.

Join us for this 2 day professional development and receive the knowledge, materials, and support to be able to use this invaluable information to realistically prepare your school to survive a school attack.


Because Act Fast is common sense, natural, and builds on the existing skills that every person already possesses, lengthy staff development training is not necessary.


You can show your school how to implement ACT FAST in 30 minutes or less.


Use ACT FAST as a stand alone program or as a supplement to existing procedures!

100% of those who've attended this course...

would recommend it to their friends and well as attend another course by Don Shomette!

What is included?

Each participant receives 2 days of classroom instruction, a course certificate, 14 hours of in-service credits, certification as an ACT FAST Instructor as well as the materials listed below!



Each teacher (from your school) will receive access to our ACT FAST for Teachers Recorded Videos. These 10 short videos (1hr 45 mins) walk a teacher through the principles & strategies you'll learn in the live training.

Normally $897 per school, access to this course is free to your school if you attend this professional development! Use these videos as a stand alone training or in combination with other included materials--you decide!


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Use the included PowerPoint to present ACT FAST to your teachers, staff members, and students. (PowerPoint is approximately 75 slides. Participants who attend the live training will be walked through the PowerPoint as well as watch an example of the instructor giving the class in 30 minutes or less).


Instructor Video


To make presenting ACT FAST to your school even easier, each participant will receive access to an instructor video where they can watch the instructor explaining key slides in the PowerPoint as well as how to make the most of the PowerPoint. Use this as a refresher or to gain additional tips, ideas, and suggestions for giving an awesome class!


Integrating ACT FAST into your lockdown drills


To help you integrate ACT FAST into your lockdown drills, we're going to give you 2 great tools.

1) A short video and action plan to guide you in easily and effectively integrating ACT FAST into your lockdown drills as well as show you how to lead a 21 second teacher focused lockdown drill using ACT FAST.

2) A short video to use as a quick staff development for teachers to reinforce key concepts and to help prepare your staff as you get ready to conduct a lockdown drill. Staff members can view this video on their own or as a part of a larger group.

You decide how to use these materials and we'll help you be successful!


Continued Support


Reach out as much as you need and we'll help you (or anyone from your school) with suggestions, tips, recommendations, or to answer questions.

Call, email, or text and we'll make sure you're ready to present ACT FAST, implement the strategies, and that your school is better prepared to survive a school attack.


Topics & Course Outline

Day 1: 8:30 - 4:00

(classroom instruction & practical applications)

    Understanding the true nature of the threat, the fluid dynamics of a school attack, and a person's physical response to horrific events and how it can help or hurt

    The 3 principles of ACT FAST - (1) act fast (2) space & distance and (3) survive

    Real examples of how others have used the 3 principles of ACT FAST to survive a school attack and lead others to survive a school attack

    Initiating the ACT FAST strategy as an individual and school wide response

    Integrating secondary strategies such as Run, Hide, Fight, Deny, Delay, Defend (and other strategies) into the primary strategy of ACT FAST

    Assessing warning signs and deciding when and how to transition into another ACT FAST principle or strategy

Day 2: 8:30 - 4:00

(classroom instruction & practical applications)

    Establishing and prioritizing individual and school-wide First Actions in a crisis

    Breaking the myth that the only form of fighting is going physical with the attacker

    How hiding, denying, running, locking down, and surviving are all forms of effective fighting

    Realistic and effective measures to control access into classrooms

    Perfecting the lockdown (hide/deny) procedure and regaining the initiative

    Preparing a school with the skills to survive and end a school attack

    Explaining and instilling a true survivor's mindset in others

    Understanding police response and procedures for ending a school attack

    Collaborating effectively with police and other critical support professionals

    Responding to parents, the media, and other members of the community

    Blending the ACT FAST procedures into existing procedures or utilizing as a stand-alone program

    Making the most out of course materials, online videos, and instructor support


The best way to help your teachers to be successful...

during a school attack is to teach them the SAME life-saving techniques that other teachers have successfully implemented...and that's ACT FAST!

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