How does it work?

Join the Team + Do the Work + Return to Duty

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Step 1: Join the Team

  1. The first step is a discernment process. Take all the time you need to get to know us as well as the program and what it means to you. When you're ready, join our team.
  2. The Return to Duty program is a family program. Your parents, spouse, children, and friends are welcome and encouraged to be a part of our team. Together, we'll form your team which will support your return to duty.
  3. As a team, we'll come up with the best plan for your success by completing a Needs & Goals assessment which will then be used to develop your personal training plan.

Step 2: Do the Work

  1. After you and your team have approved your personal training plan, you'll be enrolled in our high performance academy which will consist in the beginning of mostly online instruction (video & audio) followed by in-person coaching and mentoring.
  2. The academy is not the same for everyone. While some parts may be similar, your program will be tailored individually for your success.
  3. In the academy, you'll learn how to successfully present and convey information to different age groups and how to have fun while doing it. We'll teach you the 'tricks of the trade' that will have our audience begging for more--guaranteed.
  4. Besides fine-tuning your own message, we'll provide you with all the materials to present Never Give Up--a course that encourages others who have faced or may face terrible trauma to never give up.
  5. Like everything in the Return to Duty program, it's self-paced. We go at your speed. Take as long or move as quickly as you like.
  6. The academy has high standards and there will be tests, evaluations, and practical applications. But no one fails. You may be delayed, but no one fails. If you want it, we'll work with you until you're prepared in both skills and comfort level.
  7. If you've been wounded in the line of duty, you've already proven yourself. The academy is just a path to help ensure you're ready to return to duty.


Step 3: Return to Duty

  1. When you return to duty, our staff will organize talks in your area (or out of your area depending on what you would like to do). We'll handle all of the logistics--you just show up and knock it out of the park.
  2. Again, we'll work at your pace. If you want more or fewer presentations, we'll go at your speed. Just let your team know and we'll adjust accordingly.
  3. Remain with our team as long as you like. Make it a career, part-time job, or something fun to do occasionally. You decide.

Your example of courage and the message to never give up needs to be heard, especially by our young people who are facing an onslaught of terrible and difficult times...and giving up.


They need you. We need you.

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