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School Leadership

Subsidiarity: Do Less but Help More

Only do for the person what the person cannot do for themselves...

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Take Aways:

  1. Whether or not we're going to help a student is never the question. Of course we will. The question is how much or how little we're going to help.
  2. The best amount of help that we can give is to only do for the student what the student cannot do for themselves.

  3. This is subsidiarity and it's the best principle in helping us to determine our level of assistance.

  4. When we practice subsidiarity, the student grows, becomes more self-assured, and enjoys a higher level of success.

  5. When we practice subsidiarity, we save energy, resources, time, and greatly reduce our chance of burnout.


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Relate this to kids

Students wrestle all the time with how much or how little they should help a friend in need. Apply the principle of subsidiarity to guide your response when asked, "What should I do?" by a student who is seeking advice for how top best help their friends.


Be careful...


When it comes to issues that involve the safety and security of the students in question, we can't leave it up to the student to decide how much or how little to help. We have to do that, but we can certainly (and should) let the students practice subsidiarity in the situations where it's applicable.




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