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School Leadership

Success: 2 Elements students must have to be truly successful

Academic success is only half of the equation, don't forget to add in the other half

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Take Aways:

  1. 50% success is good, but 100% is the best--help your students to achieve 100% success.
  2. Academic success is good, academic success plus ethical success is better!
  3. Always remind (encourage, require, demand!) your students they must not only achieve academic success, but also ethical success! That's 100% success!


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How to relate this to kids:

We do not do our students any favor by only focusing on academic success. Yes, they must be academically successful but they must also know the difference between right and wrong...and be able to right apply it in a social setting. School are not the parents but they do stand in place of the parents and every parent's job is to prepare their children in order to be successful in life--not just in school--but in life.


I am not suggesting that schools discuss or even address every moral question with the students (that's the parent's job). However, fighting, disrespect, and disobedience are clearly ethically topics that the school should address as well as hold the students to a high standard.



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