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School Leadership

Age: Its a consideration not the determining factor

Use abilities to gauge how little or how much responsibility you give a student and not their age!

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Take Aways:

Please remember...

  1. The age of a student matters, but there’s something more important – the age of their soul!

  2. When a student is ready for greater responsibility, don’t hold them back just because their body isn’t the right age.

  3. Reward and encourage high levels of personal growth and success without regard to age, but in respect to individual achievement.


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How to relate this to kids:

The best way to relate this to kids is in your actions. Don’t hold them back just because they lack a few years in physical growth. Its personal growth (abilities) that should be the gauge we use to decide how little or how much responsibility is given to a student.


Sometimes a few extra years of experience are essential for helping a student to be ready greater roles of responsibility. However, it’s not simply the years that make the difference. There’s plenty of 50 year old’s who have decades of experience and yet are incapable of minor roles of responsibilities. Experience is only valuable when the person learns from the experience. If you do have to delay a student make sure that the experience of waiting is not wasted!



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