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Threat Assesment

Categories: How you know a person is a risk

Every student falls into one of two categories...will they or will they not use violence

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Take Aways:

Please remember...

  1. We live in a world of categories…and that’s not a bad thing.

  2. Categories help us to better understand a person and maybe to predict their future behaviors.

  3. When it comes to preventing violence, everyone falls into one of two categories. Those who will not use violence to get what they want and those who will use violence to get what they want.

  4. Any person who will use violence is a threat…the only question now is how much of a threat.


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How to relate this to kids:


We have to make sure that our kids do not accept the idea that using violence to get what they want is a good or acceptable thing. There is where parental example, high standards, consequences, character education, and love can make a real difference now to help our kids not to choose to use violence to meet their need. Unfortunately, these things can help but not guarantee it because whether or not to use violence is always an individual’s choice.


By actively intervening now in the lives our children, we are making it less likely that they will fall into that small category of people who will use violence to get what they want.  



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