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School Leadership

Connection: The Single Best Way to Connect with Kids

(Spoiler Alert - it's not removing your tie!

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Take Aways:

  1. Learning the student's favorite music, slang words, and movie stars can help in someways to develop a closer relationship with kids. However, it's limiting because it's built on a shallow common connection.
  2. Create deep and meaningful relationships with kids by working soley for their benefit. Nothing else will get you better connected to kids...and the kids connected to you!


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Relate this to kids

Use every and anything you can to create a closer relationship with kids. When you do, everyone wins. However, don't let the students determine the potential depth of the relationship by limiting it to shallow common interests such as music, clothes, and other similar things.


Set a higher standard...and therefore also higher possibilities!


Don't settle on less!


Thank You!