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Threat Assesment

Nature: A tale of a fox, a scorpion, and school attackers

If we want to save lives, we must try to change a person's nature

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Take Aways:

Please remember...

  1. No one is born to be self-destructive or evil.

  2. Through their choices, experiences, and situation in life they have aligned themselves with the bad.

  3. If we are to truly make our schools safer, we must work to realign that nature back towards the good—the good for the person and those who may suffer because of their poor choices


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How to relate this to kids:

Frederick Douglass said that it’s much harder to repair a broken man then to raise strong children. Unfortunately, that’s what we’re trying to do when we try to change a student’s nature. We’re trying to fix a broken person.

What we have to do today is to work diligently to ensure that our students do not align themselves with the bad and the best way to do that is to give them the right example through our behavior, teach them strong character education, and work solely for their benefit. One of the ways that SRO’s can do all three of these is to guest teach. Get in the classroom and show them you care as well as tell them how to live a good life by sharing with them wisdom (the real purpose of education). 

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