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School Leadership

Perspective: The best way to change behavior

The story of LT. Bobo and his dogtag

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    Take Aways:

    1. Thinking of another person who has faced a difficult challenge can help us to change our perspective
    2. When we change our perspective we change how we feel

    3. When we change how we feel we change our behavior
    4. If you want to change a student’s behavior - you have to change their perspective


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    Relate this to kids

    “It could be worse” or “It’s not that bad” are good things to stay to students to help remind students to keep things in the right perspective. However, these are not easy things to hear and accept when you’re facing a tough time or a difficult challenge. Instead, consider telling the student about another person who has experienced something similar or worse and did so in the right way. By giving the student a model of how to react, the student is much more likely to act in the best possible way. 


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