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School Leadership

Sensitive: Is Preventing Violence a Senstive Topic?

It's never about the topic, but how we present it.

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Take Aways:

  1. No topic is inherently sensitive.
  2. What is inherently sensitive is people and how they perceive and respond to a topic.
  3. If we want to be truly successful in preventing more violence, then we need to more sensitive in how we present the topic of preventing violence to our teachers, staff members, and students.


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How to relate this to kids:

Students (and adults) will often mirror your attitude towards a particular topic. If you consider something important, worthy, or even sensitive, so too will your students and others. Please keep this in mind when you begin to discuss topics that include preventing violence.


By all means be excited, energetic, and committed, just don't be shy, hesitant, and overly cautious. Talk in a direct and meaningful manner and this will lessen anxiety in your audience as well as promote greater discussions.


Don't show any graphic images without first warning the audience and if the 'gory' story isn't critical, leave it out. Remember, there is nothing sensitive in this topic—only in the way we present it.


Thank You!