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School Leadership

Snapped: Why school attackers don't snap

Understanding the mindset of the school attacker and accepting the realization that they do not snap

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Take Aways:

Please remember...

  1. Those who attack our schools do not snap, but plan and prepare an average of 3 months

  2. Every school attacker everywhere in the world follows the same path to violence which is 1) accept the idea to use violence to meet their need and then they 2) plan and 3) prepare for the 4) act of violence.

  3. Student who attack our schools are very public concerning their intentions and give off warning signs and indicators of danger - watch for them!


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How to relate this to kids:

Reach out to your students and remind them of the part they must play to help make our schools safer (no place can be completely safe—only safer).


To help you achieve this goal, I've created everything you'll need from what to say to the students to a letter to send to the parents. I guarantee that if you do this very simple thing, you'll make an immediate difference in the safety of your school. Here's what we're going to do. We're going to tell the students when and how to report a threat with one simple sentence.


"Tell the first adult you see if you're afraid for your safety or the safety of others."


Thank You!