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Threat Assessment

Snapshot: Making an Initial Assessment

Helping you make a faster initial assessment after a warning sign has been observed.

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Take Aways:

  1. When it comes to preventing violence--you have to act and act fast!
  2. You have to make an initial assessment with the information available (regardless of how little you have).
  3. An initial assessment is just that--initial. Keep gathering information and keep updating your assessment as the situation evolves.
  4. In all things, take any actions necessary to save and protect lives!


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How to Relate this to Kids:

The purpose of a 'snapshot' assessment is to help, encourage, and condition leaders to move faster when a threat has been observed. While the specific topic of a 'snapshot' assessment is not something that we would discuss with students, the concept of acting fast when a threat has been observed is something we should absolutely be discussing with students.


Check out this article and use the materials to get your students to move faster, be a part of the safety team, and to help make your school safer!



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